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Hello, hello and welcome to thundaga.net. This is my first post and it will serve as an intro as well as an update on what’s going on this semester. Some of you may have arrived here from my personal blog, h34rt1lly, but this site will focus exclusively on school happenings. At thundaga.net, I’ll be updating everyone on projects in classes, updating my portfolio with works of art, things like that. I won’t be posting much (if at all) about private things.

As far as an update on what is currently going on this semester, I am half way through Traditional Game Development as well as my International requirement, for which I chose The Global Citizen.

For Game Dev., my game, Bathroom Break was chosen as the project our group would be working on. We just finished our tech demo and had it up and running for class last week. We have no class tomorrow, as it’s Halloween, so you can expect some more updates next week. Our level walk through is due next week, and the week after we’ll have our Alpha finished so that will be an exciting update. McKensie is our lead artist, Kyle is an artist as well but has stepped into the role of lead programmer and he is doing fantastic. While I also am an artist, my skills are nowhere near Kensie’s, so I’ve somewhat maneuvered myself into the production role – though for Game Dev, no one really needed to fill that position.

I’ll post another entry about more details on Bathroom Break, so stay tuned 😉

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