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So here’s a small update for the summer. I was enrolled in Film Production which is a part of my major and I was really looking forward to sharing my films with everyone. Unfortunately, I was only approved for a loan for $900, whereas my tuition was over $2000. I didn’t have the difference, so I was forced to drop my courses. I won’t be updating the blog with any school posts until Fall semester.

On the gaming side of things, I took the plunge and decided to order a Japanese 3DS. More specifically, the special edition Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call edition! I was really worried about it not coming to the States and I couldn’t pass up the chance to own a Final Fantasy themed console, so I spent $318 on it. The husband was livid, but he’s come to terms with it now 😛


Curtain Call itself has improved greatly from the first in the series. There are far more songs from the get-go in this version and I love the way they’ve let you unlock characters now. Rather than waiting ages to collect all of one colored shard for one character (which essentially, it does still do), you collect shards much faster this time around and they let you choose which character you want to unlock. I love that option! So far I’ve unlocked Rinoa (of course), Yuna’s X-2 outfit, Aerith, Zack from Crisis Core, Laguna and a couple other characters I can’t remember right now.

The questing feature is also a really fun way to get you to play chains of songs without it feeling so drab. It’s fun watching the characters progress through a “level” and beating the boss at the end. Sometimes it can be frustrating though because when you finally reach the boss fight, the boss doesn’t always die and in order to pass the level, you need to defeat the boss. At least, that’s what I gather from playing them. I unfortunately, don’t read any Japanese. For example, on a certain boss fight, I hit a perfect chain. I didn’t miss anything and got every single critical hit note and the boss still didn’t die. No words for that kind of experience.

I would definitely recommend everyone who likes Final Fantasy or rhythm games to pick it up when it comes out here in the States. If you happen to have a Japanese 3DS, you can still buy it and get through the entire game without understanding Japanese. It’s pretty self-explanatory. In the case of most Japanese games, they’re much more text-heavy and you definitely need a solid fluency in Japanese. Theatrhythm Curtain Call, not so much. Plus, it’s adorable.

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