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Alpha testing went well! We had one major glaring bug: Mr. Ant kept getting stuck in the middle of platforms rather than jumping and then resting on top of them. That’s our biggest challenge so far before beta, simply because none of us are programmers and it’s tough sometimes to really flesh out the coding in GameMaker. We remain optimistic though!

My task before beta is to rework a lot of the graphics in our level backgrounds, as well as come up with perhaps one or two more level layout designs. So far it’s going pretty well. I finished both the level layouts and they’re much better quality wise now. I’m currently working on the main menu and tutorial backgrounds because at the moment, they’re just grey with red/black buttons. I’ll upload some examples later on 🙂

On a side note, the major is having their open house on December 12th. If you’re interested in the major or even just in what we do, check it out!

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