I know, the Slim has been out for a few months now. But I just wanted to share my frustration with the fact that Japan gets all the cool colors. I understand that it’s Japan, it’s the homeland for electronics. But all the rest of us who aren’t lucky enough to live there do want excitement in our lives too, you know. Black/white just doesn’t cut it for console colors for me anymore.

Amazon – PS Vita Slim in White/Light Blue

I mean look at that. How beautiful is the white/blue combination? I’m so loving the black/pink combo as well. I’m such a sucker for pink electronics. You better believe I’m trying to get rid of my original white Vita to order this bad boy. Also, I commend Sony for leaving the Vita region-free and allowing you to use your PSN account even if it isn’t the right region. For example, if I order the Japanese import, I can use my US region PSN account no problem. Granted, if I wanted to switch things around and use a Japanese PSN account, I just have to re-format my Vita and it works like a champ all over again. Nintendo, you could learn a thing or two here…

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