Welcome to the page where I talk a little bit more about myself! I hold the firm belief that every person is unique and valuable, and it’s the diversity in culture and life experience that makes society and the human race so great.

I started working in the retail and customer service industry in 2006. My very first job was at a cell phone accessory kiosk, learning the intricacies of selling and connecting with people from all walks of life. From there, I moved to Hot Topic, embracing my inner “emo” self and rebelling against everything my parents wanted me to be interested in at the ripe age of seventeen. There are some aspects of that time that I never grew out of, but I did eventually move on from Hot Topic to The Sticker Shop, a kiosk that specialized in custom decals. It was there that I began to explore the artistry I had always doubted I was capable of. In addition to sales, we had the freedom to design decals, creating custom vectors and color combinations. I was eventually promoted to kiosk manager, but left because an opportunity to chase my dreams came along: GameStop.

When I was searching for my first job, I applied at GameStop, thinking, “What better place to work than the business that sells the very thing I’ve always been passionate about?” The first time didn’t work out, but the second time was the charm. I was hired almost immediately, and eventually left my position at The Sticker Shop because I absolutely loved working at GameStop. Between the team, the customers, and the market we catered to, I lived and breathed my job.

Sadly, I eventually left to concentrate on school. The Entertainment, Arts, and Engineering program at the University of Utah had transformed into something a million times better than what it had been at its inception. Not only had I loved what I’d done at GameStop, but I could know pursue the very same thing in academia. Over the years, as I made progress in the undergraduate program, I came to realize that what I always excelled in—interfacing with people and learning their quirks, their desires, their passions—translated to the game development sphere as well. I ended up being placed in the role of a producer time and time again, and by the time I graduate in May of 2018, I will have served as a producer/team lead on four or five different teams. Our senior project, Telophase, will eventually be published on Steam!

Work history and academia aside, I like to, apparently, fit the very definition of a Renaissance woman.

Losing myself in fictional worlds, with strong narratives and characters, has always been a hobby of mine. Ever since I was young, I’ve constantly read late into the night, by the faded glow of a lamp—far beyond my bedtime, much to my parents’ irritation. That love of narrative and intricately woven worlds eventually led me to video games.

Since before I could walk, I’ve always been around technology. My dad has two degrees, and one of them is in information systems; one of my earliest memories is being perched on his leg, watching as he plugged away at the computer. My love of games and technology has, obviously, followed me to adulthood. If I’m not reading, I can often be found sinking hours into my current game of obsession.

In addition to that, I also love art in all its forms. While I’m not the world’s best painter or artist, I immensely enjoy dance and the art of body movement. I danced for a few years as a child, returned to ballroom dance in high school and college, and eventually explored ballet as an adult. I currently dance at two different studios, and practice pointe work as well.

My love of narrative eventually transformed into a love of writing, and creating worlds of my own. My minor is Creative Writing, and though writing and dance aren’t “fun” in the traditional sense, it is a challenge that I enjoy. Writing is much like any other type of creative creation; more often than not, I am a spectator to the stories my own mind creates, and my hands are simply the tools that put that on paper. I am currently working on a post-apocalyptic YA novel for a course at the U. Check out my writing portfolio page for examples and links to my work!


Here’s a photo of the Snow corps from Salt Lake City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker 2017. I am in the front row, second from the right: