Presentations Tonight!

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So tonight is our level walk through, and we’ve decided to do a live presentation. What I mean by that is, we’re not just clicking through PowerPoint slides, we’ll actually be acting out the level as we go through the PowerPoint.

On Sunday, we got together to create some poster boards and write cue cards. For example, we have a poster board with Mr. Ant on it, a toilet, a sink, a medicine cabinet, the water, etc. Kyle will be holding Mr. Ant’s board and interacting with each poster board as we walk through the PowerPoint’s slides.

We wanted to keep a happy, uplifting, cheerful kind of tone to our presentation so we inserted the Chocobo theme from Final Fantasy VII (Cinco de Chocobo, for those who are curious) into the PowerPoint that will play in the background. Here’s the PowerPoint for those who are interested:


Will let you know how it went! Thursday we’re supposed to get feedback from our walkthroughs today, so keep an eye out for that. Here’s to hoping it’s good feedback!

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