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Main Street

A wide-angle view of our Main Street environment. You can see a large majority of our building exteriors in this shot, as well as the Skybox up above. The main art aesthetic for the game was “cardboard cutouts”; the characters look like pop-up cardboard pieces, and the Skybox is styled to look like the inside of a cardboard box.

Screenshot 5

A close look at the interior of our Schoolhouse. It isn’t in the shot, but there’s a super awesome boiler up at the front of the classroom, right next to the teacher’s desk! There’s also cursive letters on the blackboards that Chantelle added for some fun detail.

Screenshot 4

Here’s an awesome close-up of one of the characters inside of the jail cell, which can be found inside of the Sheriff’s Office. Kyler added a fun filter over the camera that gives the game this great, authentic, Western feel.

Screenshot 3

This is the interior of the bank. Unfortunately, our team didn’t have time to add in NPCs or too many details inside of this building, but what we did have time to finish turned out awesome!

Screenshot 2

The pool tables can be found in a corner of the Saloon. By far, our largest building in the game, the Saloon has a ton of detail and two of our characters can be found inside.

Screenshot 1

Here’s a great close-up of our General Store and Blacksmith buildings. We didn’t have time to tackle the interiors for these either, but you can see the fantastic ground texture that Isabella created, as well as the particle effects she threw in.

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