Bathroom Break

This game was entirely the product of my own work, Kyle Pieper, and McKensie Felix. It was created as a requirement of FILM 3710 – Traditional Game Development, at the University of Utah. Everything you see is our own work, except for the music which belongs to Nobuo Uematsu and Square Enix, and a couple of the sound effects were downloaded from Thanks for looking and playing, and even though it isn’t finished yet, we hope you enjoy it!

If you’re curious about my personal contributions to the game, they’re listed below:

  • Production: Kept all artwork and programming on schedule, ensured that the theme of the game matched my original pitch.
  • Pixel art: face wash, shampoo bottle.
  • Level Design: All levels featured, as well as adding glowing platforms in them.
  • Animations: Unused animations for the toilet, sink, and toothpaste.
  • Sound: Created sound effects for toilet flush, running water, sink on and off sounds.
  • Menu: Created the menu, tutorial, and credit pages (but not the pixel art featured).

As of 2017: Our lead programmer, Kyle, broke his elbow the last week of the semester. As a result, Bathroom Break is forever in the beta-phase.

LSD Machinima

Created by Sam Wasson, Lee Neuschwander, Marshall Mattle, Michael Swisher, Christian Roy, and myself, for EAE 3660 – Machinima. LSD Machinima was created entirely in Unreal, using free assets from the marketplace.

I was the producer over the project, and I also took care of the cinematography. We were one of the few groups to complete our film.

Dino Game

Created by Kimmy Workman, Kaleb Elmer, Cody Song, and myself, for CS/EAE 1410. Our team created this game from the ground up, including all assets and all coding. Some sound effects were downloaded from the internet, though (with permission/free use, of course).

I produced the game, and also supplied a few lines of code. We were the only group in this course to finish our game by the end of the semester, and with minimal bugs!


Project for FILM 3710 – Alternative Game Development. Crowstone consists of Chantelle Johnson, Kyler Alvey, Bradley Dawn, Eric Komperud, Arial Park, Isabella Perrino, Kevan Rahav, Jared Shaw, and myself. It is an alternative, interactive, drama, action-adventure game that has the player focus on making morally gray decisions.

  • For more information, please refer to the dedicated page for Crowstone.


Current project for Capstone ’17-’18. Telophase is an axonometric, pixel-art, puzzle-based, arena game. By splitting your character in unique ways, you must survive the level in order to progress to the next arena. Telophase is by far the largest group I’ve worked as a part of, and the members are:

Art Team:

  • Cora Burchett
  • Dawn Nguyen
  • Chantelle Johnson
  • Brooke Sawyer (lead)
  • Szu Hua Wu
  • Angela Bentle

Engineering Team:

  • Michael Swisher
  • Michael Harrelson
  • Henry Schaefer (lead)
  • Ryan Park
  • Jacob Kramer

Design Team:

  • Nathan Harsono
  • Kevin Hanft
  • Kolton Knudson
  • Jordan Runyan
  • Ryan Park

Production Team:

  • Lily Gardner