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As promised in my last post, I’ve uploaded a couple level layouts to my portfolio section. I am not the artist of the pixel sprites, I simply put the layouts together and added in the platforms, which includes organizing the platforms for the best level layouts.



The red glow signifies that the object is a bad trigger, the blue glow means that it is a good trigger. The purple glow represents items that can affect the environment, though how they do is not explained. We wanted our players to explore that on their own. The green exit shows the player where the exit is located. We plan on having the camera show the entire level for x amount of seconds, then will zoom into the player’s location. A lot of people who played our alpha levels commented that it was difficult to figure out which way they were supposed to go. I’ve added in directional arrows to show the player the possible path directions, but they aren’t shown in this image.

Also, here’s a sneak peak at our tentative main screen background. Mr. Ant will be updated to a better quality sprite once our artist has completed it. But the shelf, the soap, and the bubble buttons are complete. We’re still undecided on the font type.



Beta levels are due on the 26th, so keep an eye out for updates between then and now! Our levels need to be content complete by then, meaning all levels, all sounds, animations, etc need to be complete and included. We plan on having at least two more levels. The layouts are finished, they just need to be programmed. This is the final stretch!

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