Lack of Updates

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Thought I’d update people on what will be going on this semester, especially in reference to the blog and future updates.

I am unfortunately not taking any real major focused courses this semester. I am only taking my upper division writing requirement course, and non-major basic drawing. With the writing course, I probably won’t be uploading too much of my work to the blog. However, I may be updating drawing pieces to my portfolio if I decide they’re worth sharing…

Which the chances of that are probably pretty slim. But we’ll see what happens. In the interim though, I may be updating things like gaming innovations or technology news simply to keep the blog alive. I have a tendency to let blogs die… and seeing as how this blog is directly tied to my school “career” and such, I don’t really want to let it die. So hopefully there will be the occasional update here and there regarding things like that!

Have a great Spring semester, all.

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