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With today’s arrival, Fall semester of 2013 has concluded! The final day of class was somewhat interesting, however. Bathroom Break never reached the finalized version because Kyle, our pseudo-programmer, broke his elbow Tuesday morning. Because of his horrible timing (only joking, Kyle), he was unable to insert the new re-written code for smoother movements into the beta version of Bathroom Break. We also didn’t get to change the main menu image with the new sprite of Mr. Ant, or the credits which were required. Neither McKensie nor I felt comfortable enough trying to fuddle our way through the programming, so we had to leave it as is.

That also meant that no one in class got to play our final version. We’re hoping that after Kyle’s arm heals a bit, we  can meet up and have him finish the coding and we can put it into our portfolios; in all honesty, that was mainly the reason we were so disappointed. We really wanted to include the final version, because we’re pretty proud of it. For now though, here’s a link to the beta version that still has a few bugs. I’ll include the link in my portfolio as well.

On an additional note about the portfolio, I’ve uploaded some of my past works done in Photoshop. They’re pretty recent, from earlier this year, but I have no record of the past designs I’ve done, unfortunately. The external hard drive I had uploaded my past works to (prior to 2013) have since mysteriously disappeared, so I guess I can only pretend they existed. Obviously, stealing is bad. Please don’t do it.


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