Harvest Moon!

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So anyone who knows me and what types of games I enjoy playing, should know that I am obsessed with Harvest Moon. I’ve been a fan since the version on PSOne (I’m not quite old school enough to have played the SNES version) and every single title that’s come out, I’ve owned. So since Bokujou Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi was released in Japan in February, I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear about the US port. I’ve been watching live streams from LinandKo whenever they’re released, I’ve considered ordering the Japanese version even though I don’t speak Japanese just so I can play it now…. I’m pretty excited.

Polygon’s Announcement Article

Apparently since Natsume owns the Harvest Moon series and title and they’ve decided not to do the port themselves, company XSEED can’t technically call the port “Harvest Moon”. Hence why the title has been changed to “Story of Seasons”. I do feel a little disappointed about losing the title if only because fans of the series who may not keep up on gaming news may miss out on the fact that it’s still the same game. There’s also something nostalgic about going to pick up the “new Harvest Moon game”. While it is still essentially the new Harvest Moon game, somehow it also isn’t.

Either way, I know I’ll be pre-ordering it and picking it up at midnight if I can. Who can resist the temptation to farm all night?


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