Elder Scrolls Online: Collector’s Edition

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So a picture of the Collector’s Edition was leaked by Amazon (way to go, guys). I find that I’m….disappointed with it’s features.


So what exactly comes inside? As you’ll notice, the entire package comes in that special box..

  • Which also includes the steel-book case, I assume the disc is inside.
  • A statue of Molag Bal. No idea how tall it is.
  • A special art book/world guide. Apparently this will help you pwn your fellow heroes.
  • A world map that also shows you the different faction zones.

Of course you also get some special in-game goodies, like an Imperial mount, a mud-crab vanity pet, the option to play as an Imperial regardless of your faction and one other thing that slips my mind. You’ll notice, you don’t get a soundtrack. This kind of confuses me considering collector’s editions go hand in hand with a special soundtrack. I personally am really fond of the music that’s created for Elder Scrolls games (Skyrim seriously has one of the best scores) and would’ve liked to see one included for TESO.

What about you guys, are you excited for this? Has anyone played the beta? Due to the NDA I understand we can’t talk about it, but it would be cool to see who’s really stoked for the release and who honestly could care less.


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