For you curious folks out there, here’s a few bits and pieces of information about the domain:

  • The domain name,, comes from a recurring spell that is featured in what is easily my favorite game series: Final Fantasy. Thundaga can be found in most (if not all) of the installments in the series, as well as its spinoffs like Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts.
  • The exact pronunciation can vary from person to person (toe-mah-toe/toe-mae-toe). I’ve always pronounced the end level spells as thun-dahg-a, fir-ah-ga, blizz-ah-ga, etc. I know some who pronounce it as thun-daj-a, fir-ah-juh, blizz-ah-ja, you get my drift.
  • As the name implies, thundaga is a thunder-elemental spell.

I’ve always wanted a Final Fantasy spell domain, ever since I began graphic designing and web designing way back at the ripe ol’ age of 14. They were considered the ideal domain names back in the day. There are still a few that exist that will always be inspirations graphically and content-wise (, – to name a couple). Some others worth noting are and (of which I will always be insanely jealous of the latter’s domain name).

Now that I’m in a major that would require keeping a portfolio handy, I decided it was high time to get that domain I’ve always wanted with the right suffix. I didn’t want .org because I wasn’t an official organization (though my previous domain name, lion-heart, was a .org), .com was way too expensive as well as .nu, and .net always had a certain kind of flow to it that I loved. Thus, was born! Also, I mean no copyright infringement by the use of the spell name. I’m merely paying homage to my favorite series.

More information on the domain name: