Crunch Time?

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Is this what people mean by crunch time? Our alpha levels are due next Tuesday; basically what that means is that we need to have both levels of our game up and running smoothly. All game mechanics should be introduced and fine tuned, while the art and music (etc) can be temporary. We should be moving towards final versions of everything.

Rather than leaving our levels as they were for the tech demo, we’re working extremely hard on having all of our art assets in the game file, ready to go for the alpha tests on Tuesday. We have most of the sprites done, just need a couple more for level two. Kyle, our pseudo-programmer, is rushing to get everything in the level placed and functioning but we’re running into an issue with the platforms. Because our objects are so close together, Mr. Ant bangs into the platform above him quite often. This obviously detracts from the flow of the gameplay, so we’re trying to find a way to get jump through platforms to function. Any suggestions/tips are definitely appreciated at this stage in the game.

On a side note, our presentation went decently well. Kyle and I forgot that you can’t exactly read with a paper in front of your face so most of the folks in the back row couldn’t hear us reading our object descriptions. Greg in our class told us that our presentation was the least boring so I guess that’s a plus! We had a presentation running behind us with the storyboard slides that I created and Cinco de Chocobo from FFVII playing as well. Tons of fun 🙂

We ended up throwing away most of the poster boards but I managed to snap a photo of Mr. Ant before we tossed him. Kensie is darn good at marker shading haha.


Wish us luck on our alpha test!

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