Just to better inform readers on what exactly it is that I’m majoring in: http://eae.utah.edu/ Here is some information on the Master’s program that I hope to get into when I’m finished with my Bachelor’s: http://eae.utah.edu/admissions/masters-program/production-track/ It’s pretty darn exciting. I’m not very far, this is my first year working on major intensive courses. But it’s incredible to even have the chance to be able to do something like this. I’ve changed majors so many times over the years and eventually, I settled on what I originally…Continue Reading “EAE”

I’m meeting up with my group members in Traditional Game Dev. to work on our level walkthrough that’s due Tuesday. Stay tuned for some artistic updates and class updates in the coming week. We only have a month left until the end of the semester. I’ll probably be posting our alpha as well 🙂

Hello, hello and welcome to thundaga.net. This is my first post and it will serve as an intro as well as an update on what’s going on this semester. Some of you may have arrived here from my personal blog, h34rt1lly, but this site will focus exclusively on school happenings. At thundaga.net, I’ll be updating everyone on projects in classes, updating my portfolio with works of art, things like that. I won’t be posting much (if at all) about private things.

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