Wow, it’s been such a busy year. I know I don’t blog much, and when I do, it seems to just be the standard “I’ll post about updates soon!” and then somehow, it just never happens. Well, keep an eye out—Just kidding, I really am going to talk about what’s been going on the past few months this time around! First things first, our Capstone game, Telophase, is finally available for you guys to download! We’re published on and soon to be Steam, on the…Continue Reading “2018 Update!”

I know, I know. I always say “Updates!” but honestly, that’s … all I have time to post about anymore. Telophase is hitting its stride! We are now officially under Telophase Studios, LLC, licensed and registered in the state of Utah as an LLC partnership. We’re gearing up to submit to Steam in a week or two, so keep an eye out for the game’s release! In terms of other news, pretty exciting things are happening this summer. Will post more in the coming weeks – this…Continue Reading “Updates!”

So here’s a small update for the summer. I was enrolled in Film Production which is a part of my major and I was really looking forward to sharing my films with everyone. Unfortunately, I was only approved for a loan for $900, whereas my tuition was over $2000. I didn’t have the difference, so I was forced to drop my courses. I won’t be updating the blog with any school posts until Fall semester. On the gaming side of things, I took the plunge…Continue Reading “Summer Things.”

With today’s arrival, Fall semester of 2013 has concluded! The final day of class was somewhat interesting, however. Bathroom Break never reached the finalized version because Kyle, our pseudo-programmer, broke his elbow Tuesday morning. Because of his horrible timing (only joking, Kyle), he was unable to insert the new re-written code for smoother movements into the beta version of Bathroom Break. We also didn’t get to change the main menu image with the new sprite of Mr. Ant, or the credits which were required. Neither McKensie nor I felt comfortable enough trying to fuddle our way through the programming, so we had to leave it as is.

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Beta testing went well! We received generally positive reviews about Bathroom Break. A couple suggestions include fine-tuning the controls, because sometimes Mr. Ant doesn’t respond to jumps immediately and his reaction is rather slow. We’ll have to see what we can do about that. Otherwise, just some aesthetic suggestions popped up. I’m excited to finalize the game and post it up here on my portfolio. David had a couple people from Disney come by and help with the testing and Troy had quite a few…Continue Reading “Beta, among other things.”

Our beta is due tomorrow in-class. According to Kyle, our game’s mechanics are pretty smooth now and our levels are completely finished as far as aesthetics and core mechanics. We seem to be having a problem with some of the animations though. Mr. Ant’s animations are fine, but the animations for the objects in the level just loop rather than animating upon interaction. We’ll see if we can figure that out before the final game is due.

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Alpha testing went well! We had one major glaring bug: Mr. Ant kept getting stuck in the middle of platforms rather than jumping and then resting on top of them. That’s our biggest challenge so far before beta, simply because none of us are programmers and it’s tough sometimes to really flesh out the coding in GameMaker. We remain optimistic though!

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Is this what people mean by crunch time? Our alpha levels are due next Tuesday; basically what that means is that we need to have both levels of our game up and running smoothly. All game mechanics should be introduced and fine tuned, while the art and music (etc) can be temporary. We should be moving towards final versions of everything.

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