Bravely Default

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Also, I forgot to mention this title that was brought to my attention by a friend who is also a big Final Fantasy fan. It’s called Bravely Default, it’s also made by Square-Enix, and it’s pretty much everything you wanted in a Final Fantasy on the 3DS. It’s got classes, a world map that is very similar to Ni no Kuni’s, turn based battle systems and quests… it’s pretty much amazing. The artwork is gorgeous, too. Square-Enix had the demo up on the eShop prior to the game’s release today and it was probably the first demo that sucked me in for HOURS. I played the demo for days on end, seriously.

Here’s the official website:

I highly recommend either downloading it straight to your SD card or picking up a physical copy from your local GameStop. It’s totally worth it.

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