I know, the Slim has been out for a few months now. But I just wanted to share my frustration with the fact that Japan gets all the cool colors. I understand that it’s Japan, it’s the homeland for electronics. But all the rest of us who aren’t lucky enough to live there do want excitement in our lives too, you know. Black/white just doesn’t cut it for console colors for me anymore. Amazon – PS Vita Slim in White/Light Blue I mean look at…Continue Reading “PS Vita Slim”

So anyone who knows me and what types of games I enjoy playing, should know that I am obsessed with Harvest Moon. I’ve been a fan since the version on PSOne (I’m not quite old school enough to have played the SNES version) and every single title that’s come out, I’ve owned. So since Bokujou Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi was released in Japan in February, I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear about the US port. I’ve been watching live streams from LinandKo whenever they’re released,…Continue Reading “Harvest Moon!”

So here’s a small update for the summer. I was enrolled in Film Production which is a part of my major and I was really looking forward to sharing my films with everyone. Unfortunately, I was only approved for a loan for $900, whereas my tuition was over $2000. I didn’t have the difference, so I was forced to drop my courses. I won’t be updating the blog with any school posts until Fall semester. On the gaming side of things, I took the plunge…Continue Reading “Summer Things.”

I just wanted to share that it’s tax season right around now and we might have made a very exciting purchase with our return. We picked up some other stuff that is no where near as exciting, like a new bed, a couple new gadgets (the husband got a Kindle Fire HD) and misc. things. But this is by far the best purchase:   Hubby has been addicted to Titanfall. It is pretty amazing. We’d like to pick up another game though, so do you guys…Continue Reading “Tax Season”

Also, I forgot to mention this title that was brought to my attention by a friend who is also a big Final Fantasy fan. It’s called Bravely Default, it’s also made by Square-Enix, and it’s pretty much everything you wanted in a Final Fantasy on the 3DS. It’s got classes, a world map that is very similar to Ni no Kuni’s, turn based battle systems and quests… it’s pretty much amazing. The artwork is gorgeous, too. Square-Enix had the demo up on the eShop prior…Continue Reading “Bravely Default”

So any of you readers that know me personally, should know that I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy. I mean, a huge fan. Anything and everything that is released I basically pre-order collector’s editions for immediately (except the XIII saga). Safe to say that I was incredibly excited when I discovered that Theatrhythm would be getting its own sequel: Curtain Call. I was even more excited to find out that Japan was receiving a special 3DS XL for it:


Continue Reading "All In Harmony"

Thought I’d update people on what will be going on this semester, especially in reference to the blog and future updates. I am unfortunately not taking any real major focused courses this semester. I am only taking my upper division writing requirement course, and non-major basic drawing. With the writing course, I probably won’t be uploading too much of my work to the blog. However, I may be updating drawing pieces to my portfolio if I decide they’re worth sharing… Which the chances of that are…Continue Reading “Lack of Updates”

With today’s arrival, Fall semester of 2013 has concluded! The final day of class was somewhat interesting, however. Bathroom Break never reached the finalized version because Kyle, our pseudo-programmer, broke his elbow Tuesday morning. Because of his horrible timing (only joking, Kyle), he was unable to insert the new re-written code for smoother movements into the beta version of Bathroom Break. We also didn’t get to change the main menu image with the new sprite of Mr. Ant, or the credits which were required. Neither McKensie nor I felt comfortable enough trying to fuddle our way through the programming, so we had to leave it as is.

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Beta testing went well! We received generally positive reviews about Bathroom Break. A couple suggestions include fine-tuning the controls, because sometimes Mr. Ant doesn’t respond to jumps immediately and his reaction is rather slow. We’ll have to see what we can do about that. Otherwise, just some aesthetic suggestions popped up. I’m excited to finalize the game and post it up here on my portfolio. David had a couple people from Disney come by and help with the testing and Troy had quite a few…Continue Reading “Beta, among other things.”