Wow, it’s been such a busy year. I know I don’t blog much, and when I do, it seems to just be the standard “I’ll post about updates soon!” and then somehow, it just never happens. Well, keep an eye out—Just kidding, I really am going to talk about what’s been going on the past few months this time around! First things first, our Capstone game, Telophase, is finally available for you guys to download! We’re published on and soon to be Steam, on the…Continue Reading “2018 Update!”

I know, I know. I always say “Updates!” but honestly, that’s … all I have time to post about anymore. Telophase is hitting its stride! We are now officially under Telophase Studios, LLC, licensed and registered in the state of Utah as an LLC partnership. We’re gearing up to submit to Steam in a week or two, so keep an eye out for the game’s release! In terms of other news, pretty exciting things are happening this summer. Will post more in the coming weeks – this…Continue Reading “Updates!”

As of this week, I only have a year and one semester left until the end of my degree. Much of the portfolio will be changing, with updates from recent classes and/or writing material being added and whatnot.   Keep an eye out for it! 🙂 Words cannot express how excited I am for this challenge. I missed the ‘Where I Belong’ challenge back in 2012, as I didn’t write then, and I am just…I cannot wait to participate in this one. It’s unfortunate that we can’t submit already written work, although I understand the reasons why. Most of my works so far have been post-game so they would have worked perfectly, but it just gives me a reason to write something new! Which, I already have an idea for,…Continue Reading “The Successor”

Just posted Declivity, the second chapter in Black Swan 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy it! Eternally grateful to my beta-readers for helping me make this chapter worth reading.

Hey guys! Just wanted to share that I posted the final chapter in my first completed fanfiction, The Journey Home, yesterday, May 3rd 🙂 Because it’s my first and I kind of want to remember this milestone, I’ll be printing a physical copy with a commissioned cover art piece sometime soon. I’ll be sure to post photos when the time comes. If you read the story, let me know what you think whether in a guest review on FFnet or here, in a comment. Some tidbits:…Continue Reading “First Completed Fanfic!”

Hey y’all. Got a few updates for you. 1. I’ll be taking two programming courses over the summer. I am not a programmer, so any tips/tricks to surviving, would be well appreciated. Also, it means I’ll be working on major courses again (more than now, anyway) so there should be more updates. 2. I’ve recently started writing as a hobby. It’s been quite the journey. You can find me on both and Archive of Our Own. Currently, I write for Dying Light and Final Fantasy…Continue Reading “Updates.”

So I know I’m a little behind the times. I signed up for Gamefly’s free 30-day trial and rented Dying Light as our first title. It arrived last Wednesday and I’ve been playing on and off since then. With school and getting off of work so late, I don’t have a whole lot of time to focus on it (and I’m also playing through Persona Q on my 3DS at the same time) which is unfortunate, because it’s pretty much amazing. Here’s a trailer for…Continue Reading “Dying Light”

This has nothing to do with technology or gaming. In fact, this post won’t have anything to do with either until the end. I just wanted to share how amazing f(x)’s new album Red Light is…it’s kind of all over the place with tons of different musical styles but I’m so in love. I was worried I wouldn’t love it as much as I love Pink Tape (it’s been my summer jam for weeks now), but it’s definitely grown on me. So excited to get…Continue Reading “See the Red Light!”