Beta Time.

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Our beta is due tomorrow in-class. According to Kyle, our game’s mechanics are pretty smooth now and our levels are completely finished as far as aesthetics and core mechanics. We seem to be having a problem with some of the animations though. Mr. Ant’s animations are fine, but the animations for the objects in the level just loop rather than animating upon interaction. We’ll see if we can figure that out before the final game is due.

Apparently, David was joking around with Kyle that three levels will only warrant us a passing D grade. We seriously hope he’s joking because with none of us being programmers, I firmly believe we did the best with what we could. Kyle is also working on his Capstone project so it was really tough for him to just focus on our game. I guess we’ll see how things go tomorrow!

Hopefully I can upload a version of our game before the final is due for feedback on here. Keep checkin’ back!

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