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Beta testing went well! We received generally positive reviews about Bathroom Break. A couple suggestions include fine-tuning the controls, because sometimes Mr. Ant doesn’t respond to jumps immediately and his reaction is rather slow. We’ll have to see what we can do about that. Otherwise, just some aesthetic suggestions popped up. I’m excited to finalize the game and post it up here on my portfolio. David had a couple people from Disney come by and help with the testing and Troy had quite a few positive things to say. Definitely encouraging!

On a completely different note, I know that I said I would avoid posting about anything that didn’t have to do with school or our projects. But I’m replaying The Witcher 2 and I simply cannot wait for The Witcher 3. It looks beautiful and Geralt is one of my favorite game characters. Enjoy a trailer so you can be excited with me 🙂

The Witcher 3: Gameplay Trailer

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