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So any of you readers that know me personally, should know that I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy. I mean, a huge fan. Anything and everything that is released I basically pre-order collector’s editions for immediately (except the XIII saga). Safe to say that I was incredibly excited when I discovered that Theatrhythm would be getting its own sequel: Curtain Call. I was even more excited to find out that Japan was receiving a special 3DS XL for it:



If there are any petitions to sign out there so that we can get the console in the US, let me know. I’ll sign that baby a million times. I’m pretty sure I may let go of my Animal Crossing: New Leaf XL for this version. It was practically made for me.

PS. Those of you who haven’t played Theatrhythm are seriously missing out. It’s a super addicting rhythm game made up of just Final Fantasy tunes. It includes battle tunes, event tunes (think theme songs such as Suteki da Ne) and field music. You can also download more songs from the DLC menu. It’s got some adorable animations and sprites too.

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