2018 Update!

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Wow, it’s been such a busy year. I know I don’t blog much, and when I do, it seems to just be the standard “I’ll post about updates soon!” and then somehow, it just never happens. Well, keep an eye out—Just kidding, I really am going to talk about what’s been going on the past few months this time around!

First things first, our Capstone game, Telophase, is finally available for you guys to download! We’re published on itch.io and soon to be Steam, on the 23rd of April!



I’m so incredibly proud of our team, and we’ve done some really great, intense work throughout the entirety of Capstone. The beginning was a little rough, as it is for most new teams, but we’ve come together and created something I think we can all be proud of!

In addition to that, I have even more exciting news! I received an offer from Blizzard Entertainment for an opportunity to fill the shoes of a Program Manager intern this summer! I’ll be working with the API Gateway team on Battle.net, and move down to SoCal on May 19th! I am so incredibly excited and am feelin’ pretty darn blessed, so I’ll be sure to update you guys on the shenanigans over the summer (the ones I’m allowed to talk about, anyway)! I don’t tend to post/update often, and less so with pictures and whatnot, so follow me on social media if you want to see what goes on down at Blizz (again, what I can show/talk about)! I’d love to connect!



See you guys next time <3

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  1. Love the blog and liking what you’re doing in the gaming/writing world. Also loved your article in the new Final Fantasy forums magazine, I can definitely relate as a fan who was greatly inspired by the game from a young age 😉

    Also game looks great! Will try it out when I can 😉

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